Zen Sickness

Anyone who answers the call of spiritual growth and development, will have to overcome obstacles within themselves along the way.  Hakuin Ekaku is a Japanese teacher who coined the term zen sickness.  It was something he himself had to overcome in his early 40’s.  He sought out a teacher who taught him introspective meditation.  After recovering from his zen sickness he dedicated the rest of his life to teaching and helping others.

Personal Willingness plays a vital role in our spiritual growth and development.  It would be incomplete to not bring attention to the obstacles of attachment, desire, fear, and false views that manifest in different forms, and hinder spiritual growth.  The Varieties of Zen Sickness is influenced by the writings of Master Hakuin, and has been arranged to correspond directly to the Varieties of Personal Willingness.  If we remain aware of these obstacles, and work to overcome them, then we are less likely to experience spiritual complacency.

Varieties of Zen Sickness chart available for download


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