Unintentional Inaction

Staying out of one’s own way isn’t easy.  Yet, it is essential for spiritual progress and emotional growth.  This is not to imply that you should “do” or should “not do”.  It is to see the divine order of all, and recognize that it is not your own doing any more than it might be someone else’s.

You can’t go beyond the recipe of life without a willingness to acknowledge what we all know and have known since birth. Our conditioning has supported the illusion concealing our true essence of self. Religion and society don’t want to acknowledge our true essence. The questions that mankind struggles with take us away from our essence. Religious fanaticism and scientific inquiry just repeat what we already know, rephrase the mysteries of what we don’t know, and have yet to give us the answers for so many things that we know we don’t know.

The most “Inconvenient Truth” is that anything anyone has had for you was rubbish and a lie, just designed to deceive you from your own awareness. By removing the questions, time would stand still. The world would stop. We would then self discover a spiritual element that while cannot be defined in words, is clearly present within us.

People could survive with less thinking, yet the human species cannot live without feeling. We have been told what to think, how to think, taught thinking processes to prove other thoughts. All of this at the expense and setting aside of what we feel. So much effort is on thinking and doing that we miss our own point. Granted, most of the humans that walk the earth are oppressed by thinking and doing. The oppression of others’ thinking and doing often threatens their basic survival and they have accepted that oppression since the beginning of time.

The oppressors’ biggest threat is not an uprising of the oppressed. The biggest threat is the self aware, spiritually awakened individual who can discern their own truth. The man or woman who knows their own essence, will laugh at the thinking and doing, they see though the illusion of the oppressor. They have compassion for the oppressed, yet don’t feel the need to do anything and give no thought to the dilemma. Inner peace is more powerful than the oppressive forces of religion and society.

The spiritual ecosystem I created for myself helped me to stop the madness of thinking and doing. The hikes I did with others, helped me to see my own path and discern who was willing to go beyond. One by one I have taken people on a journey to the beyond and set them free to feel and sense their essence. The only obstacle I have found is fear. The grip of the fear is engrained in the mind, even in those who desire to be free can remained trapped. This often is an attachment to what or who may be left behind.

The ultimate expression of letting go is though unintentional inaction. Only in this way can we be free from the cycle of thinking and doing. Only though the highest states of love for oneself can you over come fear. Integration of love is the only means of eliminating fear. Some have rationalized a very high level of thinking and doing for noble purposes. All this is fear wearing a clever disguise.

The true genius is inspiration. You can’t think or work your way to inspiration. It is only from within that inspiration flows though. Its source is from the universal fountain of all that feeds our essence. I have met those who wanted to be shown the way, only to tell them that I could not show them the way. The only way I could show them, was to direct them back to themselves. What they saw in me, was in themselves, if they would only acknowledge it. They must find their own way. Fear, thinking and doing are what is commonly in the way. Your true essence feels, knows, and unfolds. Most people bounce between these two states. It becomes a war within. The rational self trying to reconcile with the essence within.

3,000 years ago Plato figured out that this battle could not be won. These forces within must be brought in to harmony. Fear, thinking and doing had to be acknowledge and set aside, not resisted. There had to be an inner detachment and this could only take place from a place of love of self. We must accept and embrace our “false self” and recognize its value in showing us the “true self”. When we see that both are necessary expressions of each other we can take comfort in essence within.

When I looked back on living in the van, when I surveyed the 26 story lines only then was I able to see a brief glimpse of my essences. The glimpse was illuminating and I could only look within for a moment before having to turn away and “think” about it. I had run out of doing. I had amassed a 24’ moving truck, full of props and costumes, for my 26 story lines ten years earlier.  Now I was down to the bare essentials for this one act play. Thirty days in to my one act play I sensed the curtain call. There would be no understudy to take my place. I was done the show was over. I would not be sent to hell, nor would I ascend in to heaven. I would become an ordinary person free from the old stories, free from the appearances of someone I was not. I would just be me. Just as I am.

Unintentional Inaction is not a philosophy.  It is a way of life for all of us.  Many of us never see life from this perspective. It is essentially appreciating what happens as the result of not one’s own doing.  This explanation is not new, it is basically a modern way of conveying Wu Wei.