Phases of Resistance

474As we grow and develop along the spiritual path, we will discover that there are human interactions that hold us back.  The Kryptonite of consciousness, that which takes our power away, manifests clearly in dysfunctional interpersonal relationships.  These interactions with other people don’t have to be toxic to ourselves.  Serenity and peace need not be disturbed once we identify the pattern within ourselves being triggered by others.  Using a techniques similar to those in the martial art of Aikido, you can set aside these triggers, not take the bait of others, and live amongst ordinary while remaining in harmony with yourself.

The Phases of Resistance is a result of a multi-year research project to explore and discoverthe nature of what holds people back in the journey of self-discovery.  Dozens of subjects were observed, interviewed, and monitored over the course of a year.  The chart is a result of the observations and analysis of the research team.   The goal is to present this material in a new context for those on the journey within.

The basic theory is that people are conditioned to have a primary phase (+/- polarity) in how they navigate interpersonal relationships.  However, when backed in to a corner, they tend to shift phases for a brief period of time as a mechanism to maintain their role in the dysfunctional dynamic.  It was observed that a majority of people’s dysfunction came through stronger when interacting with people of opposing phases (polar opposites).  A significant minority had adapted from this dynamic and found like minded to interact with.  The dynamic amongst those of similar polarity was found to interfere with their journey in similar ways, the dynamics of dysfunction were just more cleverly disguised.

IMG_3234Through the process of unintentional inaction (not thinking, not doing) we were able to observe research participants regain their strength, empower themselves, and interact with those in resistance insulated from the dynamics of interpersonal dysfunction.  This allowed them to remain in a state of non-resistance and being.


Phases of Resistance chart available for download. download-pdf-hi


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