Personal Willingness


Personal Willingness comes in many varieties and I know from my own experience that my own willingness has grown and developed over time. There is a trail in Sedona that I enjoyed hiking two to three times per week. It was both mentally and physically challenging. Although I would start out alone, I would usually meet someone along the way who had never been on this trail before and we would hike and climb together. After hiking with dozens of people I noticed patterns amongst the people I had met. In further reflecting on these patterns I was able to classify and assemble the Varieties of Personal Willingness.

The chart is a result of my hikes, notes, and observations. From this a thesis has emerged that I am continuing to work on. Essentially people fall into three groups, those who are in resistance, those who are willing, and those who are going beyond. What I found is people’s willingness in life correlated to their willingness to hike this challenging trail. By walking with a guide, many people were able to self-discover that their abilities were well beyond their own willingness. For some this peak experience on the hiking trail opened up a window into themselves. As they returned to their everyday lives back home, many reported how this opening into themselves had challenged their own views and beliefs.


RESISTANCE (Sight Seeing – Left Behind)

For those who are in resistance there is nothing I or anyone else can do for you. Your wanting is not the same as being willing. Life makes you uncomfortable, and you are a skeptic as to the value of doing anything worthwhile. Your a voyeur in life, watching others live and grow while you stay behind mired in your self loathing. It is not easy to wake up each morning with a view that the world is against you, and that you have to do all you can do to get what you need at any cost. .


WILLING (Going Solo, Small Groups, Recipe Followers)

For those who are willing, there is nothing else you need beyond the recipe or instruction manual. You read the trail guide in the parking lot, followed the signs, and walked with your tribe. Your family, community, church, and beliefs, are your support systems for living the recipe of life. You will make it to the end of the trail, and you will go back the way you came up. Your confidence in yourself, and your own abilities serve you well, and you are regarded highly amongst your peers.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Amongst the willing, there will be a few who become disoriented. You hit your top and catch a glimpse that there may be something more than following the recipe. Your essence is curious as to what may lie beyond. Yet your mind has been conditioned and hypnotized to stay with the recipe and those on the path. Do you go beyond the sign that says “End o Trail”? Many experience this dilemma in life. Some choose to hover with curiosity, others may hit a bottom as a result of fear. The few who continue to bump up against it with all of their logic and might, will become further disoriented and enter a dark night of the soul.


GOING BEYOND (Explorers, Discoverers, Beyond)

Once you cross the chasm within you, the light rises on your dark night and you spontaneously awaken and self-discover that all separate parts are really one complete consciousness free from form or void. You are aware of the essence that flows through you and all life from the universal fountain. You will find that this has happened without thinking or doing on your part. In fact, it is a result of unintentional inaction and you will find yourself in the state of being. This is your regenesis into the unity of all things.

Varieties of Personal Willingness chart available for download. download-pdf-hi



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