Fractured Prose


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Digital Edition Released:  November 15th,, 2017


Digital Edition Released:  August 6th, 2017


Digital Edition Released:  August 2nd, 2017


Digital Edition Released:  July 21st, 2017


     Digital Edition Released:  July 17th, 2017



     Digital Edition Released: December 8th, 2016


Lovers Cover 2     Digital Edition Released: September 1st, 2016


Always cover

Digital Edition Released:  August 21st, 2016


Living Liberated Cover
Digital Edition Released:  July 17th, 2016


Empty Telphone Cover
Digital Edition Released: June 2nd 2016


No RIver Cover

Digital Edition Released: April 30th, 2016


Reaching Within Cover

     Digital Edition Released: April 20th, 2016


Perspectives - Cover

     Digital Edition Released March 15th, 2016


The More Cover

     Digital Edition Released January 15th, 2016


Integration Cover

 Digital Edition Released October 9th, 2015



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